DAY 23


03 July 2011

Day: 23

From: Cadiz, KY                                                       To: Valdosta, GA

Miles Travelled today: 560 Total Miles Travelled: 11,039

Total Gas Used Today: 11 Total Gas Used: 222

Weather: HOT (69-98 F)

Left Cadiz at 7 a.m. and it was another hot day.  It was so hot I not only had to hydrate every hour but also had to change clothes because I was soaked by midday.

I headed east on I-24 toward Nashville and made a right turn at Chattanooga on to I-75.  When I rode through Atlanta there was a huge accident 20 miles north of the downtown area and traffic was backed up for miles. I ended the day at Valdosta, GA.

Jeff checked in and he is taking the southern route through Little Rock, AR and will travel east to I-75 and proceed south to Key West.  I should arrive in Homestead, FL by 3 p.m. tomorrow.  I will wait for Jeff’s arrival before heading down to the finished point (Key West).



The fields of Cadiz

Leaving Nashville


I love the Tennessee roads

There's no roads like this in Miami

Tennessee Lake

I just can't passed a Starbuck. My weakness

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